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Erosion mechanism of BOF lining
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Erosion mechanism of BOF lining
BOF smelting is a series of physical and chemical reactions under high temperature, in which the lining is eroded by a series of strong mechanical, physical and chemical actions. The main mechanism is as follows:

1. Mechanical impact erosion.
The operation such as adding scrap steel and mixing molten iron is directly to the BOF big-face lining, which has strong impact, wear and erosion on the big-face lining, and is the main factor of the lining resistance to material erosion.

2. Physical action.
The erosion of refractory materials such as furnace wall and furnace cap by airflow in the furnace during smelting, the melting and erosion of lining caused by molten steel and slag, and the melting loss of lining caused by high temperature reaction during smelting, etc.

3. Chemistry.
The working layer of converter lining is usually built by magnesia carbon brick. Magnesia carbon brick contains a certain amount of graphite carbon, which has poor wettability with slag, which can prevent slag from permeating into the brick body. The thermal conductivity is better, the thermal shock resistance of the lining brick can be greatly improved, and the lining life of magnesia carbon brick is longer. However, there is a strong oxidizing atmosphere in the converter, during the smelting process, the high temperature oxidizing gas will oxidize and remove part of the carbon in the brick, which causes the brick structure to become loose and embrittlement, and the brick structure will be corroded under the erosion of flue gas and fluid.
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