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Brief introduction of induction furnace lining material
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Brief introduction of induction furnace lining material
Induction furnace lining material is divided into acidic, neutral, alkaline ramming mass. Acid ramming mass is high purity quartz, fused quartz as the main raw material, with composite additive as sintering agent; Neutral ramming mass is mainly made of alumina and high aluminium materials, and the composite additive is the sintering agent. Alkaline ramming mass is made of high-purity fused corundum, high-purity fused magnesia and high-purity spinel as main raw materials and composite additives as sintering agent.

Basic/neutral ramming mass: mainly used for melting various high alloy steel, carbon steel, high manganese steel, high chromium steel, tool steel, stainless steel and other alloy steel.

Acid ramming mass: Mainly used for melting, insulation cast iron induction furnace without core lining.

Acidic, neutral and alkaline lining material is widely used in the coreless medium frequency furnace, induction furnace, as the induction furnace lining material material for molten gray iron, ductile cast iron and cast iron alloy, molten carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, melted aluminum and its alloy, melting copper, brass, copper and bronze, copper alloy, etc.
Neutral ramming mass, ramming mass